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Who is behind MagicHolz?

Behind MagicHolz are, besides many, little helpers, these two guys. Chris & Lars from MagicHolz. We offer you creative things made of wood: wooden puzzles and puzzle boxes are more than just a distraction from everyday life: they are joy. Education. Togetherness.

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A nice leisure activity. Especially in the evening to switch off from work. If you don't want to build anymore, you can continue the next day. I really have to say thank you.

Klaus F.

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How do I assemble a 3D puzzle?

A classic puzzle has a one-dimensional shape. You put it together on a smooth surface, preferably a table. A three-dimensional puzzle creates a solid. This can be geometric shapes like a circle or a rectangle. But asymmetrical shapes, such as that of a car or a building with several towers, are also possible. The three-dimensional puzzle or 3D puzzle wood makes higher demands on concentration, patience and motor skills. That is why these puzzles are ideal as educational toys.

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