We believe that there is an artist hidden in every human being and that idealism is widespread. Many people appreciate it when their creative ideas become reality. MagicHolz is known for going in search of challenging puzzles, which are then transformed into works of art by skilled creative artists. The goal of this company is to harmoniously unite the worlds of technology and creativity as well as art to create something amazing.

MagicHolz is more...

than just a simple distributor of wooden 3D puzzles. MagicHolz integrates the beauty of machinery and scientific exploration to meet the needs of intellectual enthusiasts interested in science and technology, creativity and freedom.
3D wooden puzzles are popular all over the world. Our aim is to create an interesting wooden world for those who love robotic and mechanical DIY products. In addition, we can create products according to your wishes after prior consultation and development.
Let's create something breathtaking together!


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