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Wooden models | Tips | Info

No, the components are already cut out and can be easily pressed out. If it doesn't work out, please cut the bars carefully with a knife.

Press out the components from the direction with the thicker lines. We recommend checking all gears for burrs and removing them with the included
sandpaper. When assembling, lubricating the components that need to rub against each other or move with a
simple, colorless and odorless candle will help.
But our puzzle already has the appropriate wax. 

In a kit you will find the respective wooden components and toothpicks. Depending on the model brand, you may also find rubber bands, fishing line or stickers. A pocket knife, candle and sandpaper can be useful when assembling.

Lubricating the components with wax or working on them with a sandpaper makes them much easier.

We can unreservedly recommend the models from the age of 14. If things don't work out, parents or grandparents can certainly help out. After all, our mission is to reunite families around the table.

1. Die Zahnräder/Uhrwerk auf der Seite 29 Bedienungsanleitung prüfen, ob die nicht schief sind? 

2. Luftballon abschalten lassen, prüfen ob die Uhr ohne Luftballon funktioniert? Sollte die Uhr ohne Funktion sein, bitte folgende Schritte durchführen: 

- Luftballon abschalten lassen 

- Pendel abbauen 

- Gewicht nach unten langsam laufen lassen, bitte vorsichtig nicht bis zu Ende 

- Die Uhr Wieder aufziehen und 3-5 Mal laufen lassen 

- Die bewegliche Zahnräder sowie Schnurwerk beobachten, prüfen

Das ist die komplette Anleitung auf Video aufgenommen :
Und das ist ein Video zur Lösungsfindung:

Brauchst du Ersatzteile kannst du sie hier bestellen kostenfrei:
Ersatzteile <---klicken

We have noticed that for some, the drawers do not open, and have sat down intensively and recreated the problem. And we also had a solution at the ready:

On the manual you can find the part "J4" (In our case on page 15 section 20). It seems to have come loose from the larger part. The solution we suggest is to fix part J4 to the larger part using glue (wood glue)
. We also glued part M4 (which was slightly discarded, mainly at the open ends) to part K6. 

All without guarantee. Please ask again directly, maybe we have a better solution.

The number of pages is still from the old version, but can also be applied to the new one.

On page 14 at the bottom of the assembly instructions, you can see that you should first attach part C2 and then C12.
This procedure will interfere with the function, because the C2 will be pressed against the spring and the C12 will hold it there.

So the solution is, we just do it the other way around, first C12 then C2 and the pendulum will run again, because the spring can relax ;-)

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