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Ugears Safe


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no tools and glue needed

Without tools & without glue ⚙️

All 3D kits are assembled without tools & glue. Treat yourself to pure crafting fun!

You can get started right away ⭐

Everything you need for this exciting craft project is included, including picture-by-picture instructions.

Made from sustainable wood cultivation 🪵

All kits are precision laser cut and made from high quality sustainably grown wood.

A safe can pay off in many situations. Such a safe is available in a wide variety of designs and with a wide variety of advantages. What most people have probably not seen yet: A miniature safe that looks great as a decorative object and at the same time functions just like a real one.

The Ugears safe is very detailed and a real eye-catcher. It consists of 179 components that come together to form a great overall picture. To achieve this, a construction time of around 6 to 7 hours is required - which is definitely worth it.

The difficulty level is medium - even beginners should be able to build the safe with the detailed plan and a little skill. During the process, it is exciting to see how the vault takes more and more shape. The richness of the Ugears vault is clearly in the details, which interlock. As you assemble it, you will probably be amazed by one or two details.

The ultimate proof that the wooden model from Ugears is a real safe is provided by the combination lock, which of course must not be missing. The best thing about the mechanical model kit: this is not just decoration, but works perfectly.

How the wooden safe works

The Ugears safe can be opened by a number combination of 3 digits. When setting the numerical code, the following steps would have to be followed in order to open the safe:

Step 1: Turn the knob counterclockwise to the first digit (from 1 to 9). Stay there.

Step 2: Now you can turn the knob clockwise to the number 0. Then the knob can be turned further to the right to the second code digit - same procedure as before.

Step 3: Now you can turn the knob counter-clockwise to the third digit of your choice. If the combination was correct, you will hear the classic click - as you would in a safe - and the safe will open by itself.

To lock the safe again, simply close the door and turn the knob anti-clockwise (left). The lock will then close by itself.

What is special about Ugears

Ugears stands for unique 3D wooden functional kits from European production:

  • Natural materials - all 3D kits are made from sustainably grown wood
  • No adhesive required
  • Mechanical functions - all models generate movements
  • Easy assembly - all components are already laser-cut and ready to assemble

The laser-cut components are joined together without any glue. The result is impressive 3D models with self-propulsion or special functions. The models are intended for hobbyists aged 14 and over - the functional models are not children's toys.

The high quality and accuracy of fit of all components is ensured by the laser technology used, a lot of technical know-how and uncompromising quality control by Ugears. The wood used comes exclusively from sustainable sources.

Best support

You have questions or need help? We are here for you.

Call us:
+49 711 299 90060

Write us an email:

Best support

You have questions or need help? We are here for you.

Call us:
+49 711 299 90060

Write us an email:

100 days return guarantee

You're not sure or you don't like it? No problem, thanks to our extended return guarantee of 100 days, you can simply send it back at any time within this period.

100 days return guarantee

You're not sure or you don't like it? No problem, thanks to our extended return guarantee of 100 days, you can simply send it back at any time within this period.

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